Go Get Munchies Melbourne


Our daily lives are becoming more demanding and we Aussies are bloody exhausted! Our mission is to simplify things by taking care of the stuff that you don’t have time for. Why waste time heading out to the shops to buy sugar when you can Go Get Munchies and have it delivered straight to your door. Now thats a win-win.

As something new in the food delivery industry in Australia, we are ready to set new heights and show Australians what Go Get Munchies have in store.


Feeling lazy and snackish, co-founders Viktor, Aaron and Youssef wanted a quick snack without having to put in so much effort to get it! This inspired them to create Go Get Munchies, a mini-supermarket on wheels that delivers snacks, drinks and essentials straight to your door.


Go Get Munchies offers on demand delivery for a wide range of snacks, drinks and essentials. We stock top quality brands and items that many Australians use everyday and have it delivered in minutes!

Servicing the majority of Melbourne Metropolitan areas, we currently deliver up to 10kms from the CBD. However we are rapidly expanding to service the outskirts of Melbourne and all major cities across Australia.